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Quarterly Comments: Mixed Messages or Acceleration?

The market is up — way up — and the economy is “not so much.” What might explain this disconnect?

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Quarterly Comments: Market Disconnect?

To attempt to make any comment in the middle of a pandemic, and I do think we are in the middle not the end, is …

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What Just Happened…and When Will it End?

Let’s start with a very short recap – The high of the US stock markets occurred in February, but by the end of the 1st …

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Why This Time?

The Global Stock Markets have declined this past week somewhere between -10% and -13% depending on which index you look at. For us here in …

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Quarterly Comments: February 2020

“Still Lower for Still Longer” seems to sum up where we are for interest rates, inflation, many sectors of the economy as well as many …

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