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For engaged Financial Professionals seeking their best now, Erickson creates an environment of freedom to grow with support and mentoring as your plan requires.


For Advisors contemplating an exit, Erickson is equipped to guide you through legacy planning, transitions and incorporating your clients with ours when you join our team.

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Founding partner  Linda P. Erickson, CFP® is a Regional Director for our Region with Cetera Advisor Networks LLC and  Lauren Erickson, CFP ®, CSRIC ™ , Financial Advisor is our next-generation succession plan in place with 17 years of experience.


Since our founding in 1991, we have consistently worked to build a culture of relationship-based financial planning fostering multi-generational, long-term client relationships – let’s just say, we know our clients and our clients know us.

Our legacy plan is in place, is yours?


Our personal and professional growth plans are well documented, and we will assist you in the design of your growth plan. We are multi-generational team with 35 years of experience. Whether you require more work-life balance, the opportunity to grow your business with the help of experienced mentors, or to craft a compensated retirement and exit, Erickson Advisors offers solutions for you to Plan Now. Live Now.

How We Work

Our practice is an advisory focused firm that can and does hold non-advisory business.

We see the utilization of technology as central to our efficiencies by allowing us to create and pivot systems and processes as needed, creating more time and space for clients and our outside lives.


Strategic and consistent reinvestment of capital has allowed us to enhance efficiencies, our working environment, and our advisors’ capabilities to serve clients with confidence which in turn sustains our internal and external balance.


Developed from our years of planning and investment work, the Erickson Now Advantage ™ is a suite of programs to serve a variety of Ideal Client profiles. Each program has structured workflows for on-boarding and client servicing while maintaining the flexibility to adjust with client needs and growth.

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Not all Financial Planning firms are alike, Erickson Advisors has unique advantages:

  • Specialty in Sustainable, Socially Responsible Investing, ESG Investing
  • Managing Partner and Financial Advisor, Lauren Erickson, CFP® holds her CSRIC™ designation.
  • Specialty in Estate Transfer preparation, Family Engagement, and Estate Settlement Support.  
  • Fee for Service Planning options are not tied to AUM allowing for an expanded client base
  • Firm focus on financial planning and building client and community relationships
  • Women-owned and led business
  • Client planning utilizes both Life and LTC insurance where appropriate.
  • Professional Development encouraged and promoted

If it isn’t obvious yet, we like efficient work so that we can participate fully in building our business and contributing to our community. We love our work, our clients, and our independent lives and we think we have a pretty good model for making it all work.



We have a long-term and robust relationship with our Broker-Dealer and RIA firm, Cetera Advisor Networks LLC. Linda P. Erickson, CFP® is a Regional Director of Cetera Advisor Networks LLC. Our Regional Director structure gives an industry unique support to our Advisors.

Ask us about Cetera Advisor Networks Resources: Advice & Solutions Platform, Professional Development, Leading Edge Technology, Practice Management Support, Marketing Tools, and Comprehensive Research and Advanced Market Expertise.

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