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At Erickson Advisors, we believe in empowering our clients and the community through education and sharing of experiences. 

Join us for any or all events in person and virtually – all are welcome.


Join us for one or all of our lunchtime learning opportunities, currently held virtually with Zoom. 


Each quarter we explore topics relevant to financial planning, investment management, sustainable investing, estate planning and more…All are welcome!



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Tool Time! Putting the Digital World to Work for You


Join Linda P. Erickson, CFP at the start of each new quarter for a quick 30-minute Zoom over your lunch break. She’ll review the previous quarter, the current economic climate and what, if any, changes might be on the horizon. 

Hear About:

  • Changes to portfolios in the previous quarter
  • Current market and interest rate conditions
  • Opportunities and strategies we see for the quarter ahead
  • Market highlights and concerns

NEXT UP: Friday, July 16th Noon-12:30pm

PUrpose & Power

Purpose & Power is a discussion series for women (sorry guys, you have to sit this one out!) focused on financial empowerment, education, social networking, and sharing ideas hosted by Erickson & featuring expert speakers across disciplines. Grab a friend or fly solo, join in, and gather new knowledge, new connections, and new confidence in your purpose and your power. This event welcomes people who identify as women, trans, genderqueer, & gender nonconforming. All sessions are held on Thursday afternoons from 4-5pm on Zoom (until we can get back together again safely in person with cocktails and snacks!)

P&P - What's up in 2021?

Learning from Women in Business

This year our discussions with local female entrepreneurs will focus on the complexity of business ownership across career fields and how diverse strategy, goal setting and passion for their work and clients have shaped their experiences.

Hear about their fearless dedication, innovation, struggles, and triumphs & gain takeaway measurable actions you can apply to your personal and professional tasks at hand.


COMMUNICATION  Sept. 9th  with

Charlotte White, of White Space Creative and Kate Van Dis of Kate Van Dis Creative Content


COACHING with Christy Gharbo, visual coach and owner of VizualWorx.


PREVIOUS: FINANCE  with Teri Rogowski, CFP®, CSA of Day2Day Personal Finance and Lauren Erickson, CFP® , CSRIC™ Partner of Erickson Advisors 


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