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Retirement & Beyond: Planning for a Healthy Financial Future

Many GenXers and even some Millennials are in the position of raising children while also helping their aging parents secure a quality lifestyle after retirement.

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Quarterly Comments – Inflation?

I’ve heard the word “Inflation” more in the last few months than in the past few years. Many younger people, some on my staff, have …

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Testing the Waters of Financial Planning

As fiduciaries, we’ve discovered over the years that the idea of financial planning can be intimidating for some. In people who fear they haven’t saved …

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When is the Right Time to Plan for Retirement?

One year ago, planning for retirement may not have been in the forefront of your mind. But the past year has thrown us all for …

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A Roth IRA Can Be a Great Gift

What is a Roth IRA? Just to review – what is a Roth IRA? A Roth IRA is funded with “after tax” dollars, grows free …

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Quarterly Comments – Expansion or Explosion?

Why have markets moved up so dramatically in an environment of chaos, uncertainty, and severe economic distress? Next question might be: why has the bond …

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