Building New Beginnings

Women BUILD Summer/FALL 2021

Current Build Day:  Saturday, September 25th

Do you remember racing home when something maybe scary or wonderful just happened? Do you remember wanting to share the fear and be comforted, or share the joy and be celebrated? Either way, home was and should be a place of security and mental or emotional comfort.

But home is more than that; home is one’s base of stability. When I look over a lifetime of contributing factors to long-term financial success, I must identify “stability and safety of home” as bedrock to build on.

I, personally, and Erickson Advisors, professionally, have been longtime supporters of the goals, methods, and community of Habitat for Humanity. We acknowledge that our goal here at Erickson Advisors is to work with clients toward a lifetime of financial security. I have repeatedly spoken on this subject: there can be no financial security without housing security.

In support and engagement with this critical need, we are supporters of the Habitat of Greater Greensboro Women Build 2021. We will be there with resources, friends, and family (all of the female persuasion) to build not just a house, but a home here in Greensboro this summer. 


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